Innovation in Safety Training

StreetWize VR is a mobile road safety training class for all road users.

The training takes place in hyper-realistic immersive environments.
The students practice safe behavior in dangerous situations, either as pedestrians, as cyclists or as drivers.
primary school students, high school students, adult drivers in organizations- everyone loves the atmosphere in the classroom. the spirit of innovation gets everyone excited to learn by doing.

StreetWizeVR - Road Safety Training in Virtual Reality

  • Our safety classes have been conducted in over 180 schools nationwide with high student engagement

  • Students practice street crossing\cycling\driving in dangerous situations, safely in Virtual Reality 

  • The scenarios are based in familiar environments, they are realistic and lead to specific learning outcomes

  • A research study validating the effectiveness of our VR safety training scenarios passed peer review at the Technion IsraHCI 2019 conference

StreetWize VR road safety training classes are recommended by the Israeli Ministry of Education and are funded by the Israeli Authority for Road Safety

Recommendation by Danny Shtruzman (General manager of BBD Road Safety Training center):

I find that the program is in line with the road safety rules that are taught in the education system And the traffic laws.

The program brings its participant to deal with diverse situations, using interesting tools, via computer, tablet or virtual reality headsets.
I find that the "smart" simulation in the program, with the instant feedback practitioners receive, allows practice as close as possible to true situations.