Our Vision:

Saving Lives On The Road
By Reinventing Road Safety Training


StreetWize VR road safety training classes are recommended by the Israeli Ministry of Education and are funded by the Israeli Authority for Road Safety.
Our safety classes have been conducted in over 250 schools nationwide with high student engagement.

  • Students practice street crossing\cycling\driving in dangerous situations, safely in Virtual Reality. 
  • The scenarios occur in familiar environments, they are realistic and lead to specific learning outcomes.
  • A research study validating the effectiveness of our VR safety training scenarios passed peer review at the Technion IsraHCI 2019 conference.

Me%20Tal%20profile%202021Tal Iron, founder 
and CEO StreetWize
I almost got killed on the road.
It was stupid. a small distraction. I was literally an inch away from certain death.
This dramatically changed my perspective of road safety. Our lives are fragile. 

As a teacher for students with learning disbilities, as an advanced driving instructor and as a road safety content creator, I believe it is crucial to expose everyone to the dangers on the road and to train avoiding them.

This must happen in a fun, engaging manner. 
Frontal lessons, talking statistics, trying to frighten with tragic stories and even showing 360° videos- 
all these are just not effective enough. One has to practice in realistic conditions.

In almost every training session I do, I hear students or teachers say "wow, this is exactly what happened to me \ to a relative \ to a friend".
After every single session, students come to my, thankful, and say it was the most fun lesson ever. 
But every now and then, I get to hear things like "I understand now. I'm not going to use my smartphone while being on the road, 
and will look behind obscuring cars before I cross it."
When this happens, I get goose bumps. I feel I saved lives. 

I want to reach much much more people. You are welcome to join my effort!