Our simulations feel real- With high res graphics, motion sensors and a realistic physics engine, you will believe what you see


Our training has been validated as more effective than a qualified teacher, via field tests led by field experts

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Learning should, and can, be fun. Our lessons have been dubbed countless times as

"The coolest lesson in school"

StreetWize VR is a platform for creating mobile road safety training classes for

pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

In order to achieve specific learning outcomes, the training is point-accurate, hyper-realistic, immersive and fun.

With our advanced virtual reality headsets, we have trained primary school students, high school students and adult drivers in organizations. Everyone loves the atmosphere in the classroom. the spirit of innovation gets everyone excited to learn by doing.

The simulations are supported by all platforms- low\high end VR headsets, PCs and even tablets.

The program is authorized by the Israeli Ministry of Education and is funded by the Israeli Authority for Road Safety.

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StreetWize VR road safety training classes are recommended by the Israeli Ministry of Education and are funded by the Israeli Authority for Road Safety


Our Vision: Saving lives on the road by reinventing road safety training

"I almost got killed in an accident", says Tal Iron, co-founder and CEO. "This dramatically changed my perspective of road safety. Our lives are fragile. As a teacher for students with learning disabilities, as an advanced driving instructor and as a road safety content creator, my goal is to expose everyone around me to the dangers on the road.

This must happen in a fun, engaging manner. Frontal lessons, talking statistics, trying to frighten the audience with stories and even watching 360° videos are just not effective enough."

Zikhron Ya'akov Street, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel