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Accident reconstructions are fit for instructional and investigation purposes

This is a reconstruction of a tragic accident that occurred in Israel in 2017.

A pedestrian was killed by a bus. the driver was found not guilty, as he was not able to see the pedestrian.

The pedestrians, an elderly couple, were cutting through the road, shortening their route by a mere 27 meters. 


The accident was investigated by the police and the National Road Safety Authority, which issued a highly

detailed report.

Using the report, we were able to reconstruct the scenario very accurately.

Our goal is to save lives on the road.

If lives were lost, we want to help prevent further losses of the same sort.

  • Accurately reconstruct the environment

  • Simulate the accident

  • Help authorities reach conclusions and further investigate

  • Convey the accumulated knowledge to relevant road users

  • Train road users to avoid further accidents of the same sort

StreetWize VR road safety training classes are recommended by the Israeli Ministry of Education and are funded by the Israeli Authority for Road Safety