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Driving training lesson for high school students and organizations

The experience is tailored to the children's world - it is immersive, hyper-realistic and fun. In the bike riding training, we focus on identifying risky situations and distractions.

Students will experience:

  • Driving a car on a straight / curved urban road that is adapted / not adapted to road conditions

  • Blocked field of view, where pedestrians may break into the road

  • Keeping a distance - driving near vehicles that may stop abruptly / deviate from the lane

  • Blind spot - poorly / properly adjusted mirrors will prevent peripheral vision


In addition, practitioners will receive tips from the world of advanced driving - proper steering grip, emergency braking, obstacle avoidance, and foresight.

StreetWize VR road safety training classes are recommended by the Israeli Ministry of Education and are funded by the Israeli Authority for Road Safety